Consultation is the foundation of a successful project.
We understand the importance of a client’s vision and it is our driving force. Our experience and our networks enable us to plan, refine and implement successfully in several categories:
  -  Kitchen Design

The heart of your home, the soul of your family and a meeting place for friends. Share ideas, laughter and conversations. With Borges Design & Co's  careful attention to detail and insistence on quality finishes the kitchen is an amazing opportunity to blend form and function. 
  - Spatial Design
Working with interior environments cannot be separated from the inherent relationship with the exterior, the geographical location and the society it all serves. The mixology of architecture, Interior design and landscape architecture allows us to communicate design intentions. Both public and private projects provide opportunities to develop the identity of a place.
 - Bathroom Design

The inner sanctum, a place of solitude or a little piece of luxury, well deserved. The bathroom holds the key to harmony, with the right design approach and honest materials. More than an outward statement of design, the bathroom is a deeply personal creation requiring careful thought. From contemporary to traditional design, bold colours, natural materials and subtle tones, let’s work together to realise your aspirations.
- Renovations
The renovation of an existing home is an exciting time for anyone who wishes to improve their lifestyle while adding value to their property. Our ability to translate a brief into actionable tasks provides confidence in the result and the journey. A combination of design vision, contractor networks and project management skills ensure a complete service.
- Interior Decorating

Spacial planning, selecting and sourcing furniture, soft furnishings and accessories
Interior & exterior colour finishes
Window treatments
Flooring and wall finishes