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The project was commissioned for a young and active family of five who had recently acquired a new property. The primary goal was to revamp the layout, introducing modern elements and enhancing the flow to accommodate their bustling family life and social events. The challenge was to merge an edgy and playful style, which resonated with the husband's preference for dark colors, with a more classic and elegant touch favored by the lady of the house.

To address these objectives, our design approach combined contemporary elements with a touch of sophistication. We reconfigured the room layouts to optimize functionality and circulation, ensuring that the spaces would be conducive to both family life and entertaining guests. The layout adjustments aimed to create seamless transitions between rooms, fostering a more harmonious flow.

Incorporating the husband's preference for dark colors, we introduced bold and edgy elements in strategic areas, adding a sense of drama and personality to the space. This allowed us to create visual interest while preserving the overall cohesion of the design. To cater to the lady's desire for a classic and elegant ambiance, we carefully selected furnishings, finishes, and decorative elements that exuded timeless sophistication, resulting in a balanced and refined aesthetic.

Throughout the project, our team paid close attention to the family's specific needs, ensuring that the design would accommodate their active lifestyle and provide versatile spaces for both relaxation and entertainment. The end result is a thoughtfully revamped property that seamlessly integrates edgy and playful elements with classic elegance, creating a unique and inviting environment tailored to the preferences and requirements of the entire family.

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