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Greenhithe Reno

The objective was to renovate the kitchen in order to create more space for a family that enjoys spending quality time in this area. The homeowners were seeking a design that would allow them to actively participate in conversations while tending to their tasks behind the kitchen island. One member of the family enjoys cooking, while the other has a passion for baking. The challenge was to create a space where everyone could work together, engage in social interactions, and maintain a clutter-free and minimalist kitchen environment.

The requirements included ample storage, a display area for their cherished China collection acquired during their years of world travel, easy cleaning and low maintenance features, as well as practicality.

To meet the clients' needs, it was necessary to reconfigure the existing layout. Removing the old butler's pantry opened up the space considerably. The use of pocket doors allowed for the kitchen to function with distinct working stations, while still maintaining an open plan. This design enables the family to cook and engage with each other simultaneously. The incorporation of two islands provides ample countertop space and various work zones, ensuring that there is enough room for everyone to work comfortably.

Careful material selection was made to ensure minimal maintenance and easy cleaning, while still imparting a luxurious and elegant ambiance. The addition of LED lighting details not only sets the mood but also adds an impressive element to this sophisticated and practical kitchen.

The end result is a spacious, practical, clean, and low-maintenance kitchen. There is an abundance of storage, and the design ensures that everyone can coexist harmoniously.

In summary, this kitchen renovation successfully combines luxury, practicality, and comfort into one cohesive space.

Project Budget 200k

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