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We create luxurious bespoke spaces that delight and deliver every day. The interiors we design and products we use are elegant and enduring. By taking this sustainable, value-based approach, we provide our clients with exceptional homes that they will enjoy for years to come.


Understanding our clients’ needs and desires is an important part of our approach to interior architecture. As a result, we design spaces that reflect who they are, yet also push them a little further than they would ever go on their own. We consider context, location, our client’s lifestyle, needs and personality to ensure we create homes that are beautiful as well as functional.


Our wealth of knowledge, attention to detail and adept communication skills are just a few essentials in our toolbox. We also understand the building process, we know all the quality products and where to source them and we have excellent working relationships with our suppliers, which helps smooth sourcing and installation. Combined with our considered approach to the design process, we deliver beautiful interior architecture. Our project scope covers bathroom design, kitchen design, bespoke renovations and new builds.

A message from our founder: 

Borges Design was established by Luciana Borges in 2013. Luciana grew up in Brazil, where she was surrounded by traditional European architecture juxtaposed by contemporary design. Her interior-architect mother and engineer father fostered her innate love of design and her environment supported it. The classic European architecture of her childhood is an abiding influence, as is the work of modernist visionaries such as Oscar Niemeyer, Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. Luciana’s timeless, bespoke designs respect context and location, and the deeply human need for functional beauty. 


“I’ve spent my life engaging with the world of design. This has given me an extensive understanding of the building process and enables me to combine my creativity with project management to ease the process easy for my clients. I’ve seen first-hand how important real-world experience, product knowledge and contractor selection are in creating quality, timeless spaces and I’m incredibly proud to bring that to every project we work on.”

Luciana Borges,

Interior Architect



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